Democracy and Sovereignty

Rethinking the Legitimacy of Public International Law

At a time where multilateralism is coming under increasing pressure, a new reflection on the foundations of international law is warranted. Democracy and Sovereignty: Rethinking the Legitimacy of Public International Law addresses urgent new and intrinsically international subject areas, such as digitalization, climate change and transborder investments. This volume looks at the changing role of state sovereignty and explores more democratic modes of legitimation in order to supplement the traditional concept of state consent, and sharpen the notion of democracy itself.


with the contribution of :

  • Laurence Burgorgue-Larsen, Articulating the National and International Judiciary with Majoritarian Will: Some Thoughts Based on a Comparative Approach of the Regional Human Rights Courts (RHRC) Case Law, pp  60-94.
  • Emanuel Castellarin, Between Business as Usual and the End of the “End of History”, pp. 183-211.
  • Ioannis Prezas, Democratic Sanctions and International Law, pp. 235–268.
  • Daniel Ventura, An Assessment of the Legitimacy of General Principles of Law, pp. 291-321.
  • Evelyne Lagrange, Conclusions, pp. 430-440.


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ISBN : 978-90-04-50871-2