The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the Free Movement of Workers

Reflecting on emerging categories and their transformative power

MoveS seminar France

Language: English and French (one presentation)

This seminar is organised by MoveS in collaboration with the French national experts Jean-Philippe Lhernould and Sophie Robin-Olivier.


Morning session

  • 9.30-9.45    Opening of the seminar

Presentation of the MoveS project, Prof. Sophie Robin-Olivier, MoveS expert, Sorbonne Law School (Paris 1)

  • 10.00-11.00    Recent developments of the EU legislation in the fields of free movement of workers and the coordination of social security systems - Recent case law of the Court of Justice, DG EMPL,  European Commission


  • 11.00-11.15    Break
  • 11.15-11.45    Free movement of workers and restrictions due to public health – Focus on cross-border workers working in health and social services sectors, Prof. Kristina Koldinska, MoveS expert, Charles University, Prague


  • 11.45-12.15    Cross-border telework and Covid-19 - Impact on mobile workers’ status (labour / social security rules of conflict of law), Prof. Jean-Philippe Lhernould, MoveS expert, University of Poitiers


  • 12.15-13.30     Lunch

Afternoon session

  • 13.30-14.00    Recent developments concerning cross-border access to health care / free movement of patients, Prof. Anne-Pieter van der Mei, MoveS expert, Maastricht University


  • 14.00-14.30    Forever insecure? Seasonal workers before and during Covid-19 pandemic, Zane Rasnača, Senior Researcher, European Trade Union Institute


  • 14.30-15.00    Covid-19 impact on the distinction between EU citizens and third country nationals, Prof. Sophie Robin-Olivier


  • 15.15-16.15    Round table
  1. The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on Free movement: a workers' perspective, Dr Petia Tzetanova (Head, Legal expert, MOT – Transfrontier Operational Mission)
  2. The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on Free movement: the French administration perspective (tbc), French Labour inspector
  3. The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on Free movement: a Trade Union perspective, Enrico Somaglia, EFFAT Deputy General Secretary


  • 16.15-16.30    Discussion, questions and comments
  • 16.30     Conclusions 



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